Welcome to VIP SETUP!

In October 2017, it will be 10 years that this service was launched and never was expected that an idea at a boring party table would lead to an international entertainment booker. Thank you all for your great support though all these years! We never expected to meet so many remarkable travellers, friendly tourists, humble celebrities and influential networkers!

VIP SETUP focuses on nightlife arrangements by setting up programs asking for special restaurants, bars and clubs. Transportation, security assistance or hosts and hostesses are arranged when and where desired.

We work in multicultural environment where we can expect everyone to treat team members and our network of professionals with respect. We have worked for years to build up or train top service quality levels with industry leading partners.

VIP SETUP has been growing organically to more destinations where we found the necessary hospitality offers and also the local partner scout to ensure our quality of services we aim to maintain in all locations.

Feel free to contact us filling out that form or connect with us using our Live Chat.
"Was not really sure about the service to tell you the truth but restaurants, bars and clubs were all arranged to perfection, which I did not expect to be possible in Prague. It takes more than just a few numbers and contacts to make things work out so smoothly. I wish I could entertain my friends everywhere with their service! Thanks to everyone!"
C.C., San Francisco
"Had no idea that Montenegro could be such an amazing experience! Enjoyed Michels company every day but his network of cousins and friends makes me think that the entire country is one single family! In 3 days, I enjoyed the entire country, from the moth Souther tip to Albania to the top north near Croatia…lakes, mountains, sea, hotels, restaurants, beach clubs, nightclubs…simply AMAZING! The ultimate agency and hosting experience I newly am looking for!"
D.G., Midland
"Es ist unerklärlich wie ich so viele Jahre lang versucht habe, meine Reisen interessant zu gestalten…welch eine Zeitverschwendung. Der Geschäftsführer selber kümmerte sich um mein Program in Odessa, und weiss nicht was ich dort wirklich ohne Ihn getan hätte…VIELEN DANK DANIEL! Du hast was bei mir gut!"
A.L., Österreich
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